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It's a tough job market out there. You're competing against thousands of people for the same job, an impending recession, hiring freezes, and the threat of AI taking your role, your chances look slim.

You've tried other resume builders, but for every job application, customizing takes too long, and it's too repetitive copying and pasting your resume into an AI Chatbot,

You're exhausted.

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Input your skills and experiences into Expresume once, and then watch it create unlimited custom tailored resumes, relevant for each job description you apply to.

Don't waste time re inputting your data over and over with other resume builders, or AI Chatbots. Do it once, create relevant resumes forever.

It's like an money gun for unlimited custom tailored resumes. 🤑
Put your experience in and watch it print.

We got you. Our AI writes your resume based on your job description’s keywords and your experience, showing your value to land an interview.

How will you benefit?

Don't know how to write?
Not enough time...
What did I do again?
Where's that old resume...
Do you actually listen?
But... my data!

You can create a resume in 2 mins that actually gets to recruiters. Spend your time the way you want. You deserve it.

Did you forget what your wrote on your old resume? Save your experiences into your database and let AI organize it!

It's right here! Keep track of all of the different versions of your resume and job applications.

You don't need to worry. Everything you add to your database stays secure, private, and personal to you.

We have new features in the pipeline, and would love to hear your ideas. Let us know what else you'd like to see.

Time spent making resumes

You didn’t come this far to stop.

2 hrs

4-6 hrs

2 mins

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